Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zoom Whitening

Good Morning,
I thought I would discuss a little about in-office whitening. There are many products out there, however the Zoom whitening systems is currently the most effective.

Our patients simply rave about the results they have gotten!

So I thought I would describe the process of getting a Zoom whitening in Our Office.

Preparation leading up to the application of the whitening agent and light is very important. In fact the whitening agents can cause a great deal of discomfort if not properly applied. We have our most experienced and talented clinician prepare the whitening.

Here's what's involved:
1) Examine your teeth - if you have large composite fillings, or crowns - they won't get whiter.
So you need to make sure all your teeth end up the same color!
2)Examine for gum recession. As we get older, our gums often recede and lead to root exposure. If whitening agent touches this - pain results! Usually proper isolation can overcome this.
3) If you've passed the screening, then we start.
4)We comfortably position you in our state-of-the-art dental chair.
5) We use gauze to isolate your lips.
6) We protect your tongue.
7) A special "plastic like" material is brushed on your gums to protect them.
Gums can get minor burns from whitening agents.
8) We carefully apply whitening agent only on the teeth - not the gums!
9) We carefully cycle through three applications of the whitening agent and light.
10) We remove all the protective material.

You now have a incredibly white smile!

I hope you can see that in-office whitening is a complicated process. It normally takes us 90 minutes. It is safe and effective - if applied with experienced hands!

We Zoom whiten several patients a month. So call and make an appointment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy

Today I thought I would discuss my basic principles on good oral health.
The following ideas I have told my patients so many times that they can recite my talk by themselves.

First get a good toothbrush.
I only use the Sonicare toothbrush. It operates at 30,000 strokes per minute! I dare you to get close to that. The bristle tips are engineered to be safe for gum tissue and enamel. Electron microscopy photos show just how rounded the bristles are. When brushing make sure the brush head sweeps across the gum and tooth surface. One way to make sure you do it right is to place the brush head right where the tooth meets the gum line.

Second brush twice a day.
Always brush your teeth before bed time. When we sleep bacteria proliferate and cause decay.
Our own saliva is decreased at sleep and therefore not available to wash the bacteria out.
Also saliva has natural antibacterial peptides that can't help if your saliva quantity is decreased.
Brush in the morning and preferably after each meal.

Third floss daily
Floss is the only truly effective way to remove bacteria between teeth. We have all heard this message so just do it!

Fourth is to watch your diet
Carbohydrates, sugar, and acids all contribute to bacterial proliferation and then tooth decay.
The key is to not eat constantly from this group throughout the day. Drink water following one of these groups. If you are sipping a drink with sugar or acids, watch out for doing it for long periods. This allows the bacteria to increase!

Finally quit smoking.
Smoking contributes to gum disease. If you want to avoid getting gum disease and potentially oral cancer, then quit.

I hope these helpful hints work for you. They are my basic advice. If you follow my recommendations then you will reduce 80% of all tooth decay.

Doug Whitfield, DDS

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is my first official blog related to my profession of dentistry.
I am inspired to write a blog so I can share the vast amount of dental information I have gained over the years. I currently practice cosmetic and family dentistry in the Southcenter area of Seattle WA. Our phone number is (206) 575-1000. Website is

A little about Myself
I began my career in dental research, and got to be involved in the development of several break through dental technologies. The most prominent of which was the Sonicare toothbrush!
As a microbiologist and a statistician, I helped prove the efficacy of the Sonicare toothbrush to kill bacteria and improve overall oral health.

A Unique Dentist
Two things make me unique as a dentist. 1) I have overseen FDA compliant clinical studies that followed the highest level of clinical proof. 2) I worked closely with a PhD chemist to discover natural plant extracts for dental decay and gum disease.
You will find only a handful of dentist in the world who have this unique understanding of the possibilities for natural plant extracts and real world clinical efficacy.

Don't be fooled, most claims of efficacy by products are not based on clinical trials. Most are based on an idea that someone thinks should work. No clinical trials ever done. I am able to quickly identify from a products supporting information whether it was ever tested properly and if you should use it for your family!

Natural Plant Extracts in Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Gum
I have personally spent years testing numerous plant products for your dental health. I hope to use this blog to discuss some the things I have discovered.

Please stay tuned for dental products, ideas and techniques that I discover that can help your family have the beautiful smile you deserve.